Looking for more documentation or tutorials on MangoNOSQL. The information on the help site (and help in the settings) is thorough, but very technical. I am hoping for some more practical, simplified tips, examples.

Specifically, I am looking for pointers on managing disk space while balancing data retention.

Also, one question that keeps coming to mind stems from the warning on the “System Settings” section for NoSQL:
Caution, when using incremental backups make sure enough versions are kept to retain the data you desire.

If I keep only 60 incremental backups (run daily) am I limited to only being able to restore from those 60 days? If I want to retain, say a year, I need to retain all 365 incremental backups? Or is it possible to run a full backup monthly, to retain all historical data? (meaning, somewhat automated; I realize I can do that manually)

Thanks in advance!