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How to send SMS text message from Mango

  • So, Mango is working great for me and I keep trying to do new things. I currently have the system e-mail me when certain parameters go out of wack. So far so good.

    Obviously I am not always on e-mail and would prefer a SMS text message. I tried to have the Mango email "" through my email account at I receive an error back (I assume from Cox) that no relaying is allowed.

    When I am personally logged in to Cox I can send the email to with no problem.

    Has anyone figured out how to have Mango send you a SMS text message? Do all email providers prevent relaying?



  • You need an SMS gateway. Serotonin is considering setting up a service for Mango users that would provide such a gateway, but we're not sure yet how popular such a service would be.

  • Solved.

    Instead of using port 25 for smtp at Cox, I used port 587 which is supposedly for mobile devices. Also, and probably the biggest issue was, I originally did not have a "from " address in the Mango system setup. So cox thought I was an annonymous spammer.

    My cell phone (dumb phone) only receives the subject line since Cox is receiving the email in HTML instead of plain text. Al least I know something is going on with MAngo and can go check online.

    As in another poster recently asked, it would be nice to have a selection for plain text e-mail or HTML in the system setup.