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  • Hello,

    Trying to use the json store demo I found in the docs. Dont seem to get any activity on the result side when entering data into inputs. The markup indicates the retreived data should appear at bottom under save button. Do i need to turn on the json store somewheres?

    Ultimately, I need to have a way of saving a set of preferences for several users. These preferences hold their favorite serial chart configuration. (pen color, thickness, min and max scales sources etc.) The Idea is to be able to reload the correct chart config for the correct user once it is determined who they are , or at least let them pick from a saved list of configurations. I have the serial chart ready, just need a way of storing it and retreiving it. Ive also thought a config file or "recipe file" might be an option.

    any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Probably should have stuck to the same thread rather than creating a new one as this is still relevant to the last one you made....
    Paste the markup you have written into the dashboard page between code quotes and I will take a look.


  • hello MattFox,

    got it finally!
    Thanks for checking in.