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  • How can we restrict the side menu based on user role.
    We need to handle side menu based on the role which are super-admin, admin and user.

  • Change read level permission of menu and page items and remove the user role from them.


  • Hi Matt,
    Thanks for the response.
    can you guide from where we can change these settings?
    i trying from Administration > System Settings > Permission.

    My scenario is below.
    I had created a user as "shubham" which is the part of user group only.
    then from permission page i granted permission of excel related options to user group but while trying to access it from shubham user , i am not able to that.


  • Hello Shubham,
    We run a system with many users and limit what the users can access on the menu. We also have to isolate the custom pages from one user to the other. Matt is correct, you will have to edit the Menu permissions and the Page permissions to limit what each user is able to see and do.


    I will show you what we have set up. It might not be the best way to do it but it works for us. Any advice on a better way to do this would be greatly appreciated. :)

    1. Create the user and give the user a unique role.

    2. In the settings / permissions remove User from all items you do not want the average user to access. Everything else will still be accessible by the superadmin as default.

    3. Use the Edit Menu function to remove set the appropriate permission for your user. Some items such as the Help menu we have left as User:

    4. other items we remove the User account from the permissions such as the API Docs menu item:
      0_1583322085924_api docs.png

    5. Those items that are user specific such as the custom pages, we set the unique user role:

    I hope this helps you get it set up the way you wish.

    Remember to click Save in all the right places.



  • Thanks Brian, I completely forgot that 'user' is practically hardcoded as a permission level.