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  • in my serial chart there are 8 pens. I need the ability to change the lineThickness of each pen individually. So far i have only been able to change all at once only using :

    line-Thickness="4"   ....

    I think there must be a way to do this in the Options much like minimum, maximum, axisColor etc.. maybe in valueAxes or amGraph or somewheres like that, but so far i havent got it right.

    would also be nice to be able to turn each pen on/off as well using the Options

  • line-Thickness="4"   

    Is case sensitive/worded specifically, so it should be


    Inside of either graph-options="[{ lineThickness:4 }]" OR series-x-graph-options="{lineThickness:4}" where x is your serial chart number.

    @dgm said in serial chart lineThickness:

    would also be nice to be able to turn each pen on/off as well using the Options

    Use legends="true"
    This will enable you to toggle the charts.

    Please read the docs, all of the information is there. It explicitly tells you what attribute does what for the ma-serial-chart directive.

  • @mattfox said in serial chart lineThickness:



    Thanks for your input. I was missing something simple and now it is working. I spent several hours sifting through AmGraph , AmCharts etc. The example at the top of AmGraph shows "graphs": [ not "graph-options":[ so that threw me off. As far as the API docs, they point to AmGraph with the link , i just missed the hyphen.

    The legend="true" is something I learned from the docs and have been using that to show the legend but I was wanting learn how to toggle pens on/off without having the legend on. So far I havent found it.

    I always try to read the docs first, but when I spin my wheels for several hours I figure Iv'e missed something simple and should just ask. Reading the threads on this forum exposes you to new ideas from people who have gone through the learning process . I had no Idea that I was wasting peoples time.

  • We were all noobs at one point! I'm glad you're able to apply what you've learnt.
    I don't mind helping, I learned a boatload here over the last few years.
    But I think it's always good to have a good search. If not here, there's stackoverflow and other sites. Sometimes I'll get a private message because it's one of those things that is there in your face but as you've said - you've stared at for hours and have made zero progress and need a fresh pair of eyes.

    Everyone is happy to help here, I just like loitering here more than I probably should!