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  • Im trying to put the name property of an array into an input box . The array is same one used to supply data points to a serial chart. it works fine

    my code:
    <input type="text" ng-model="ch1Name" ng-init="ch1Name={{points[0].name}}" size="10" >

    if i use {{points[0].name}} just by itself in a <div> it does display the name property but i want it in an input box.

  • Inputs in angularJS use ng-model, a directive for handling data to/from inputs. As this is an angular issue I feel you should go and read angularJS tutorials, you'll see how everything works together.
    The Docs:
    I'll show you how to do this one.

    There are two ways:

    1. Map the variable of the input to be the same as the point.
    <input ng-model="points[0].name"  id="pt1name" type="text" />
    1. use ng-init to set the value of the input textbox on load:
    <input type="text" ng-model="point1Name"  ng-init="point1Name=point[0].name" />

    You don't need {{}} inside the attribute because it's an angularJS directive. Look in the browser console and you'd likely see a bunch of errors.


  • Thanks MattFox,

    I had success using #1 in your reply. I hadnt thought of that.

    I cannot get solution #2 to work. I had focused my energy on that way and should have used solution #1

  • Might be because the second way needs the init outside in another element... probably a parent div. I usually use the first way myself, as I write and map everything in my own controllers.
    At least you're learning, that's the main thing!