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  • Hello, im trying to add minimum and maximum for another axis this is my attempt....

    options="{synchronizeGrid: false, valueAxes:[{minimum:0,maximum:100}],valueAxes2:[{minimum:0,maximum:200}] }"

  • Hi @dgm

    You are close:

                    synchronizeGrid: false, 
                        {title: 'Connected', titleColor: '#ff4d4d', minimum: 0, maximum: 1, integersOnly: true, baseValue: 2},
                        {title: '°C', titleColor: '#ff4d4d', minimum: -50, maximum: 50}

    Each axis is an element in the valueAxes array.


  • Thanks iperry!

    That was a major help. I am a total beginner!
    the max works when changed , but the min stays at zero no matter what i set it to. any ideas?

    also, unless I put axisColor:point1Color followed by color:point1Color chart wont render properly

    options="{synchronizeGrid:false, valueAxes:[{minimum:0,maximum:5000, axisColor:point1Color,color:point1Color},{minimum:0,maximum:5000,axisColor:point2Color,color:point2Color},{minimum:0,maximum:5000,axisColor:point3Color,color:point3Color},{minimum:0,maximum:5000,axisColor:point4Color,color:point4Color}]}"

  • You need to add the strictMinMax property, this question has come up a lot in the forums. I suggest you use the search and have a browse with amcharts/serial chart as the search item, you'll gain a lot of experience very quickly I assure you.

    options="{valueAxes: [{
    			unit: '%',
    			unitPosition: right,
    			strictMinMax: true,
    			minimum: 10,
    			maximum: 60,
                            axisColor: '#00CED1'

    For the graphs themselves if you want individual colours for each datapoint split them up and use series-#- attributes rather than just points and values.
    Enable the api menu item under administration -> edit menu -> Api Docs, turn it on and click save at the top.
    The maSerialChart will be under components.