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  • I would like to be able to change the grid color on my serial chart. Here is a condensed version that shows what im doing so far.

    inside a container...
    <input type="color" ng-model="theGridcolor">

    later, the matching serial chart code...

    I'm thinking grid-color isn't the right syntax.

  • This is a valueAxes property @dgm.


    <input type="color" ng-model="theGridcolor">
    <ma-serial-chart options="{valueAxes:[ { gridColor: theGridColor  } ] }" ... ></ma-serial-chart>

    You may need {{ }}, but In haven't needed to in my charts.


  • Thanks,

    It seems like my chart wont accept any options. I have tried examples from all over the forum and im not sure whats happening. Have tried putting an actual color in instead of "theGridColor" as well. Do I need some other code to initialize the "options "?

  • here is the chart...

    <ma-serial-chart options="{valueAxes:[ { gridColor: '#ffff00' } ] }" style="height: 600px; width: 100%;" line-thickness="{{theLinethick}}" values="combined" points="points" legend="true" >

  • You may need to have more array elements inside the value axes to correlate with the number of points you are inserting.
    Secondly, check for errors in your browser's console window.