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  • Hi i would like to build a custom chart with 2 or more Y-axis and 2 or more X-axis
    similar to this one:
    0_1581591954212_Sample Chart.jpeg

    Here at the X-Axis we have the Usual Time and Date axis, but additional a displayed serial number, which is corresponding to time and date too.

    I got the the 2 Y-Axis no problem, but would need some help with the X-Axis.

    0_1581592301705_Screenshot 2020-02-13 at 19.11.21.png

    Ring Number= Serial Number

  • thats the code i'm using:

    <ma-serial-chart id="1bd32ce8-28ba-40f2-85c5-4fae624d2b8d" style="position: absolute; width: 100%; height: 275px; left: 0px; top: 0px;" series-1-values="point1Values" series-1-point="point1" series-1-type="line" series-1-title="Trust Pressure" series-1-color="#DBA901" series-2-values="point2Values" series-2-point="point2" series-2-type="line" series-2-title="PPS Chainage CHD" series-2-color="#2ab7ca" series-2-axis="right" series-3-values="point3Values" series-3-point="point3" series-3-type="step" series-3-title="Ring Number"  legend="true" balloon="true" export="true"></ma-serial-chart>

  • I believe you'll need to write your own component to make this happen,
    I just skimmed over Jared's code and the chart directive appears to have been written to use just the timestamp.


  • I could not find any examples of this type of chart on the amcharts site either. This might be a tough one to work out how to do.

  • I was looking at something derived from this thread...

    May be able to 'trick' amcharts into another axis...

  • what i could imagine to have a over layer chart, stacked column chart 90 deg turned, and hide the Y and X axis. What do you think? could that work? and where do i get this option from?