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Using HTTP JSON receiver with application/json

  • Hello all,

    I'm Pierre-Philippe. I've just begin with mango. I would like to connect an arduino using a server socket

    My arduino send information on (in my LAN)

    I receive this information in the browser :

    0_1581156931916_Screenshot from 2020-02-08 11-15-14.png

    and in raw data

    0_1581156947940_Screenshot from 2020-02-08 11-14-39.png

    about headers :
    0_1581157005433_Screenshot from 2020-02-08 11-16-21.png

    In the data sources i put this information :
    Data source
    Name : Test
    Roles that can edit : user
    Remote IP white list :
    Set point URL :
    Receive type : Parameter

    In the data point configuration :

    Data type : Alphanumeric
    http parameter name : /:"analog_0"
    Device identifier key : analog_0
    Device identifier : analog_0

    When i go to the resume of data point, I see as device name analog_0 and in name analog_0 but "No value" in the point value.

    I can imagine that my question is more or less a "newbee" question. But I think I need some helps to begin

    Somebody can help me to configure this "basic" behavior ?

    Thanks a lot,


    Note : Sorry for my english, it's not my native language

  • From the help information:

    Data is received at the path httpds. So, if your system is accessible at, for example, 'http://localhost/', data should be directed to 'http://localhost/httpds'.

    So in your case you want to send data in.
    Click on listen to check and ensure data is coming in:

    This should help you get started