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User role for event handler creation and modification on Mango 3.7.4?

  • Greetings, all:

    We have a bunch of event handlers create in the old Mango UI. I have users I created that are able to modify and create those events, but when they try and use the new UI to create new event handlers, I get an error that says the user doesn't have the proper role.

    Which role do I need to assign to my users so they can create and modify event handlers?


  • @Turbo by looking at the code a user would need the superadmin role to create event handlers.

  • Thanks for the response--

    That seems unfortunate.. I know mango has a USER-CREATE-REPORTS type role for this kind of thing for report creation-- I don't think it's unreasonable to have a similar permission role for my users to be able to configure their own alarms.

    I suppose for now, that's where we are, but that means I need to hand out lots of superadmin to people, which is definitely not ideal.