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Problem with graph of montly sum of a datapoint

  • Hy,
    concerning mango 2.8.8 I'm using the following script to show the production of each month of the year

    <div ng-if="energy ==2">
            <ma-point-values point-xid="FML01-energy-smart" point="energyYear" values="energyYearValues"
              from="theTimeNow | moment:'startOf':'year'"
              to="theTimeNow | moment:'endOf':'year'" rollup="DELTA" rollup-interval="1 months">
            <ma-serial-chart style="height: 250px; width: 98%" series-1-values="energyYearValues"
              default-balloon-text="Monthly Energy: [[value]] kWh" export="true" balloon="true"
              series-1-point="energyYear" series-1-color="#277527" default-type="column" time-format="MMM"
              options="{export: {'dateFormat': 'MM/YYYY', 'fileName': 'Energy in year'},
              valueAxes:[{title:'[kWh]', gridColor:'#444343', axisColor:'#444343',titleColor:'#165A87'}],
              titles:[{text:'Energy chart',color:'#165A87'}],
              categoryAxis:{gridColor:'#444343', axisColor:'#444343', startEffect:'elastic'}

    but the result is not as expected, in fact for example today it is shown only the production of today (300kWh) and not the sum of all January month (8000kWh):


    Any idea about where's the problem?

  • Hi,

    I have got exactly the same problem. Mine is just the other way around. For some or other reason the sum does not show the correct amount for the current month. If the month passes, then the sum just moves to the next month. The data of the prevous month is correct once the "Sum amount" moves to the next month.


    I have check all of my settings but could not find anything which is wrong.

  • @etantonio I believe you have made a typo on the moment filter:
    {{'now' | maMoment:'startOf':'month' | maMoment:'format':'dddd'}}.
    You forgot the ma