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Meta data point script not re-triggering within a few seconds

  • Hi
    I'm using mango 3.5.
    I have a meta data that contains a (calculated) data point that combines 2 data point values. Each of these 2 data points has 'Update context' ticked. I have discovered that if the 2 points are updated within about 3 seconds, the script is NOT triggered when the second data point is updated. I think I can work around this by setting the Execution delay to be at least 4 seconds.
    Is this expected behaviour?

  • My only thought is maybe some additional high priority threads may be required to help smack out the calcs.
    Alternatively have two scripted datasources updating a single virtual datapoint. That way they can fire independently of each other.
    These are just ideas, I'm not sure what else to suggest.