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  • How can change datapoint value from user module Angularjs. code like is

    app.directive("alertEvent", function(){
        return {
            restrict: "E",
          scope: {
            point: "=",
            check: "="
        link: function(scope, elemnt, attrs){
            var audio = new Audio('/rest/v2/file-stores/public/AlarmSound.mp3');
            audio.muted = false;
            scope.$watch("point.value", function(newValue, oldValue){
                var P = newValue;
                var Ch = scope.check;
                if (P == true){
                    if (Ch == true) {
                        for (let n =0; n<10; n++){
                    scope.point.value = false;
                    } else {
                } else {

    want to when finished change scope.point this datapoint value to false,How to I do?

  • As shown in the API docs, use scope.point.setValue(false)