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  • Hi folks,

    I've got a mango ES we've had around for a while that hasn't been used a great deal, runs 3.5.6 for consistency with our server and I like to use it for UI testing from time to time. Tried to boot it up today and all I get are the RX and TX leds blinking frantically.
    No network activity and no boot.
    Any thoughts?


  • @mattfox
    Hi Matt,
    Happy New Year.
    I had something similar with an ES not so long ago and It was a power supply problem for me.
    Unless you have already done that check. I swapped power supplies and it was all ok.

    Thats all I got.

  • Happy new years to you too man. I'll give it a go. Stranger things have happened.
    EDIT: Nope, new power supply and it's still going bananas...

  • Infinite chaps, any further ideas?

  • Hi MattFox

    Have you plugged in an HDMI cable to see if you have can view the terminal? I'll ask Dave to have a look at this thread as this is more of his domain.

  • Hey Matt - that frantically blinking Tx/Rx behavior you're describing is how the MangoES would act if it didn't have the eMMC drive fitted on the board. If you give it a gentle shake, can you hear anything rattling around in it? Those are usually secured to the board with a piece of mounting tape, but that may have been missed. If there's nothing loose in the case, it could be that the drive has become corrupted and is no longer booting.

    Send a message into with the serial number of the MangoES and I can check on the warranty status.

  • The sucker is glued down with glue gun adhesive. Man this sucks!

    Ok I'll email support now.


  • @MattFox I was hesitant to give my 2 cents about this but we also have been come into contact with this issue where eMMC drive has become corrupted.

  • Yes, it annoyed me a fair bit. Can't be helped, the joys of electronic hardware...

  • I just came accoss this same issue on one of my ES units, any thoughts?