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Point Heirarchy fails to import in v3.6/3.7?

  • I have just received a set of mangoGT's. They have mango 3.7 installed. I have exported the configuration from an older mango and imported it into the new one. If I then go to "Watch Lists" and select "Heirarchy", all points are shown at root. When I view a data point on the "Data point details" page, its 'Hierarchy path' value aways seems blank, even though it had a value in the system i exported it from. Also, there no longer seems to be a "Point Hierarchy" page where I can move points around the hierarchy. I checked the json file I imported/exported and it does include a "pointHierarchy" section.
    Can you please confirm whether importing the point hierarchy should work and I can manage the Point Hierarchy in the latest versions of mango?

  • I have found Administration -> System Settings -> Point Heirarchy Settings
    I see an 'Export data point "path"' checkbox that is unchecked by default. Although this is for export, not import, I tried checking and saving it and repeated the json file import, but it still didn't import the hierarchy for the data points.
    Can you please confirm where this setting is used? If I go to "Configuration import/export", "point hierarchy" has its own checkbox and is not selected by default.

  • Hi have also worked out that you can get to the old 'point hierarchy' web page by going to the new 'Publishers' page (or similar) and clicking on 'continue using the legacy page', then clicking on the old 'point hierarchy' icon on the top task bar. It is possible to set the point hierarchy in here. Can you please confirm whether we should still be using this old page in the new version? Can you please also confirm whether there are any known issues with importing the DP hierarchy into the new version?

  • This post is deleted!

  • I'm thinking now that the problem was with the data point 'MangoES_Disk_Percent_Used'. This fails to import, then all the watch lists, event handlers, etc that are linked to it also fail. It appears this also causes the entire DP hierarchy to fail to load. I believe I'll need to remove all references to this DP from the json file before importing. I understand tha a DP starting 'mangoES' doesn't belong on a GT mango, but there are other points like this (eg MangoES_Disk_Space_Remaining) that seem to be imported OK. Is there something in the import processing that's preventing 'MangoES_Disk_Percent_Used' from being created?