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Calculation using ^ (to the power of) in a Meta Data Point

  • Hi peeps, I am struggling to create a meta data point with a (^) to the power of in its formula.

    The formula being used in excel is = (610.7*10^((7.5x23)/(237.3+23))/1000)
    which returns = 2.8 (Correct answer)

    The ^ means 'To the power of'
    The 23 is my Temp

    After some attempts to get the calculation working using Math.pow I decided to try a simple formula Math.pow(2, Temp) and it returns NAN where if I use 23 Instead of Temp it returns 8388608. So I'm guessing its the Math.pow conflicting with external data points (Temp)

    Could someone please help get a valid calculation working in script that returns the 2.8 I'm trying to achieve ;-)

    Kind Regards and thanks in advance.

  • @steve-o said in Calculation using ^ (to the power of) in a Meta Data Point:


    Steve, what is your temp variable? Is it the name of your variable? Then you should use this:


    Following works as it should on math pow

    // returns 2.808825816730143

  • This post is deleted!

  • @thomaseinasto Thanks Thomas , I made a silly mistake in the Calc, Its working as expected now. Cheers mate