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    Please do not spam the forum with pointless posts, It wastes everyone's time,

  • Thanks for the advice. I have never use d a form before and that was posting was not intentional. I am new to Mango and need lots of help to get me started as you probably remember from when you began. It wont happen again as Im not gonna try again.

  • Thank you for explaining yourself. We often get people leaving one or three word messages in the forum with people thinking we know exactly what they are talking about.
    Do note you can edit your forum.posts. There is a search bar available for you to scour the forums for useful information.

    Finally mango itself has examples you can view and copy to the dashboard so you can see how various ui components work.

    Hope this is of some benefit to you.


  • Ok, perfect.

    Also, I've been using the help that comes up on the right hand side of the dashboard designer when you click the question mark. However, while it does give basic info on each option, there is no syntax examples so there is still some guesswork. Is there another place with more info on Mango specific syntax
    how to change line thickness on a point in a series chart, some how I'm not able to get it right.

  • @dgm
    If you are a newbie (like me) to Mango. I suggest you go through every single video/text available on the documentation website. At least half of dozen times. It will help you greatly.

    if you are not familiar with HTML/CSS/JavaScript, you need to be. Mango can be powerful if you are really good at these three things. You don't need to be able write a website yourself to be able to use Mango. But having a good understanding of these three things is a must so you can at least understanding the codes.

  • @dgm said in real time chart:

    how to change line thickness on a point in a series chart, some how I'm not able to get it right.

    There are graph options available via amcharts V3:

    You['ll want to apply the settings under graph-options

    so in your amchart serial instance you'd put into the dashboard:

    <ma-serial-chart graph-options="{
        lineThickness: 3  } " points="pts" values="vals"></ma-serial-chart>

    Note that it will pay to enable the API help menu item under administration->edit menus
    then click through the available components to see how everything works inside the dashboard.
    Sorry I'm late to the party, had to work out of office for 3 days,