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Can I make a small ball move along the line in the SVG picture in Mango?

  • I want to show the direction of flow of a vector on a line segment. Can I make a small ball move along the line or path in the SVG picture in Mango? Has anyone implemented a similar function like this in ma-SVG?

  • I know something like this can create a ball to move along the path.

    <style type="text/css" >
    .ball {
     width: 15px;
     height: 5px;
     background-color: red;
     border-radius: 50%;
     offset-path: path('M10 80 Q 77.5 10, 145 80 T 280 80');
     offset-distance: 0%;
     animation: red-ball 2s linear alternate infinite;
    @keyframes red-ball {
    from {
       offset-distance: 0%;
     to {
       offset-distance: 100%;
    <path fill="transparent" stroke="#888888" stroke-width="1" d="M10 80 Q 77.5 10, 145 80 T 280 80" class="path"></path>
    <div class="ball"></div>

    But what if I want to let the ball move along a path in my SVG (the path is complicated can not write it out as a single Line coordinates)?

    And this is what the line looks like.!