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Cannot Get OPC DA Servers List on Local Machine

  • I have posted this question a couple of times but still have not received a solution. When trying to configure OPC DA data source I cannot get OPC servers drop down listbox populated with registered OPC servers on local machine. I can't find any documentation under help on how to resolve this. Typically, listing local OPC servers should not require any username or password but I have tried all kinds of different settings and combinations but with no success. If anyone has been able to successfully configure OPC DA data source to connect with a locally installed OPC DA server, any tips will be greatly appreciated.
    Note: I am using the free version for evaluation.

  • @hmotiwala I haven't used the OPC DA data source in a long time but I remember that the biggest obstacle is getting DCOM configured properly on your machine. Have you confirmed that this is a Mango specific issue by using a different client/tool to test?

  • Yes, I can browse and connect to OPC DA servers installed locally using other clients such as by Matrikon etc. There is very little DCOM configuration needed when you are connecting to servers installed on local machine. As I mentioned, typically browsing locally installed OPC servers should not require any username or password. The help documentation for OPC DA data source does not give a proper example of how to browse and connect to an OPC DA Server.