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New user can't see old active events

  • Good Morning IA,

    I have created a new user but they seem to be unable to see older events that were raised prior to the user being created.

    This new user has superadmin, same as me, but I am able to see the events, and he is not.


  • @Xof1986 that is expected. The events system uses the concept of 'user events'. When an event is raised every user that has permission to see the event gets their own user event stored in the database. This is not ideal but was used so that a single user could silence an event for themselves and not effect anyone else.

    To make a long story short, old events will not be visible to a new user because they will not have any user events for events that happened before they existed.

    We are planning to remove this for Mango 4.0 but this is how it works currently.