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JsonEmport not working for me

  • I used this code before our last update to 3.6... now this returns an eof error.

    print(JsonEmport.dataPointQuery("eq(name,FAN COIL VALVE)&limit(1000)"));```
    Expected } but found eof //JsonEmport.doImport(JSON.stringify({"dataPoints": dataPoints})); ^ at line: 8, column: 90 at line: 8, column: 9

  • @Phillip-Weeks
    That bug is fixed in 3.7.x I was not aware it was in the 3.6 release. I am planning another 3.6 release in the next few weeks so I'll get that fix in there. In the meantime you cannot end a script with a comment line. So adding a newline after that I think should work.

  • Thanks no that was not in the script I added that after. This produces the same result. It is 3.6 and I will upgrade to 3.7 shortly if it fixes this. Thanks for your reply,

    var dataPoints = JSON.parse(JsonEmport.dataPointQuery("eq(name,FAN COIL VALVE)&limit(1000)")).dataPoints;
    print(JsonEmport.dataPointQuery("eq(name,FAN COIL VALVE)&limit(1000)"));

  • @Phillip-Weeks I just implemented a Scripting Data source that runs this script and see no errors on Mango 3.6.6?

    var dataPoints = JSON.parse(JsonEmport.dataPointQuery("eq(name,Voltage)&limit(1000)")).dataPoints;

    I am searching for a point named Voltage


    "deviceName":"Dashboard Demo",

    The cause must be specific to your system. Perhaps that specific point is corrupt? Try another point and if that doesn't work take a look at the logs and see if anything is being output about the error.