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pointValueBefore is not working and it was working so wondering what might be going on?

  • Wondering why this code is producing the same values with data that has unique values. I use.pointValueBefore to get the previous value for comparison and the function seems to have stopped working.


    print( KW.pointValueBefore(KW.time).value);

    Success. result=Success, no new value, timestamp=12:53:54

    both produce the same result value so what is going on here?

  • Further to that I recursed one more level to successfully fetch the previous value. So what is going on that I have to do it twice to see the increment. I understood this function would return the value directly before the time passed in?

    var KWBF1 = KW.pointValueBefore(KW.time);
    var KWBF2= KW.pointValueBefore(KWBF1.time);

    Success. result=Success, no new value, timestamp=13:09:36

  • @Phillip-Weeks just a little more info would be helpful for me to pinpoint the Mango code in question.

    1. Are you using NoSQL?
    2. What is this script from? Context point in a script?
    3. Where is the script? Meta point, Excel Report...

    I did a quick check of our database queries and they are correct. I can't see the data you are referring to in the image as that is only a window for times that are not in your test.

    Also its nice to put a code block around code as it makes it easier to read.