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Overriding point update frequency on Mango/Angular page

  • I have a data source which polls every second. I am displaying data points on an Angular page, and it's attempting to update them every second, but due to bandwidth, etc. the browser is unable to keep up.

    How can I override so that it updates less frequently? 5 or 15 seconds? Even every minute?

    I want the logging to be that detailed, but for display purposes I don't need them refreshing as often.

    Apologies if this has already been addressed, but all my keywords matched other topics instead.

  • You use an ma-now component tied with a ma-point-values and tell it to update at the rate you like:

    <ma-now update-interval="15 SECONDS" output="NOW"></ma-now>
    <ma-point-values  point="point"  values="vals" from="NOW | maMoment:'subtract':'15':'seconds'" to="NOW" ></ma-point-values>

  • Thanks, that does the trick!

    Interestingly, however, I copied it exactly as you posted but watching the network tab (Chrome developer tools) confirms that the update is happening every 10 seconds even though 15 is specified. This is close enough for now, but I am always curious to be correct and understand how things work, so I'll be reading up on ma-now; but I thought you should know.

  • Np, maybe increase the duration.
    What version of mango are you using? Might be handy for Jared to know.


  • Yes, that's what I'd figured I would do if needed, but this is good enough for now to solve my issue, move forward and be productive.

    This instance is running Mango 3.5.6; will be upgraded soon.