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  • Attached is a water flow point that I would like to add an alarm value too. I know I could set an high/low value, but the flow changes constantly. See the photo of a history snapshot. Should I go with a high/low value or maybe have an accumulated value over time to trigger an alarm? If so, I guess I need to build a point add the sum of an hour or something like that?

    0_1574372826676_EMR water flow history Nov19.JPG

  • @oru_david
    i think you can setup an event based on Delta value.

  • I think you should set up an alarm on a datapoint based upon if it exceeds an upper limit for 'n' minutes then use that to fire an event or whatever is necessary.
    However if it's a moving difference/average you require, utilise a meta datapoint with the value that calculates those differences over the last so many minutes and returns it. Attach the event handler to the meta point and you'll be away.