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Server side script, point variable data

  • hi, i'm doing another script, but i cant seem to reference a non linked point within the script...

    the point component is store10a cooler1 air on

    if (value >= "store10a sp.value")
    return true;
    return false;

    just want to do a toggle based on the maths, but i can only get it to work by putting a hard number in place of the "store10a......"

    when i get the 1st problem addressed, i want to compare the live temp against [sp+hi temp offset]

    i wanted to keep it tidy by creating vars but that didnt work either...

    when done, this is what i'm looking for

    a server side script object, with the point component being a digital internal data point, that i toggle based on...

    store10a temp >= (store10a sp + hi temp offset)

    of course i cant get the script to know the value of external data sources :-/

    any help would be grateful.



  • Create a meta point.