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JSON Import / Export Issues with Characters:

  • Greetings, all:

    I do a lot of JSON exports to build up my monitored facilities. I've got a Big Folder here of equipment I've configured, and when I set up a New Site, I just grab the JSON's I need, import them, and then go forth with strength and vigor.

    Something I've noticed, though- The import tool seems to choke on certain things in the "unit"-- 0_1573757947918_ImportParse.PNG

    This is in the Legacy import page, as I import it here, then use the "copy" button to configure the rest of my sources after fixing one of the imported ones.

    When you look at the JSON file in question, you see ""unit":"W?h"," instead of "Wh" or something else.

    So- This is an export from Mango 3.6.5 into a new Mango 3.6.5. This only seems to happy on the pre-defined data types. I'm gradually removing these from my JSON in favor of ascii-printable units, but this is still something that exists.

    It's not a Big Deal, just letting you all know.

  • You need to save the file with UTF8 character encoding. If you just copy and paste it should not have a problem.

  • Greetings, Jared:

    Thanks for the response-- I'm literally clicking the "export button", then hitting "SAVE AS", then opening it in Notepad++ to find/replace on various names and such, and then pasting it back in. I sort of assumed Notepad ++ was UTF-8, but I suppose maybe it isn't.

    I'll copy'n'paste in the future.


  • You may just have to change the default character encoding somewhere. This is how my text editor complains if I have Windows 1252 encoding selected when I paste the content in -