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Is there any way to return an array or object from a data point?

  • I have an indicator directive to which I want to pass a value depending upon values of 2 different points; ex;, assuming a scripting point, with two external multistate point inputs: mp1 (valve pos.1, 2 or 3 for instance), the other mp2 (system state). The color and blink rate of the indicator will depend on a functional combination of these two values.

    I would prefer to do all that calculating in a scripting data source, rather than in the directive. I can certainly hard code all the combinations into an alpha or numeric value, and pass that, then decode that in the directive. It would be far easier if I could pass an array value [position, state] into the directive. This doesn't appear possible given the data types available, but perhaps dynamic script access to other point properties (access to range rendering object, for instance, would be ideal - as I could pass an actual color value)?

    Thanks for any thoughts you might have.

  • Actually figured out how to do this with a range renderer. Would be good to know, however, if there is access to the point properties via script. Guess I could try, huh...