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  • Hi. I'm Rebeca, I'm knew here,

    So, I'm trying to create a Data Source, using XML as a Fily type. But I'm kind of lost.

    I already created the Template "example.class" and set the path to the data folder. I also saved the data source on Mango...


    But how can I have acess to this data on Mango? How can I see the files that Mango is receiving?

    For example: I created other data source, type modbus I/P, The data source, in this case, it's coming from a`PLC, and I can see it on the Watch List or even in the Graphic representations.

    Could you help me, please?

  • Sorry.. It should be; "I am NEW here".

  • Hi Rebeca,

    I would suggest playing with some of the example classes included with the data source to try and understand how it works. The data will be saved into data points on the data source that need to be either created first or you can check the Create missing points checkbox.

    If you look in the MA_HOME/web/modules/dataFile/web/CompilingGrounds/CSV directory you can see a few example classes and data files you can test with.

  • Terry, Hi.

    I tried to use the CSV files that you mentioned, and play with the examples. But, when I save the data source, Mango shows me this message:



    Could you help me again, please?

  • You are importing a non csv formatted file. Looks like you are trying to import the file.

    The path to data file or folder setting must point to a directory that will contain CSV files for importing, not the source code you use to build the importers.

  • I got it! Thank you, so much.

  • The data file that I wanted to import was on the same directory than the java file. So I created a new directory, and it worked ;D