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  • Is there a way to add custom Alarm Levels to use with my own events, rather than the stock "important", "safety", etc ones?

  • Hello fishfacs,

    I had a similar requirement in the past and Phillip provided the solution detailed here. Not sure if anything may have changed since then as its been a while. I hope this helps.

  • It is not possible to add/remove or change the colors of the alarm levels. However you can change their translations as @Wingnut2-0 pointed out.

    As he said that information is from a while ago. I would suggest the best way of doing it would be to create a new (assuming your language is set to English) file in ${MA_HOME}/overrides/properties/ with this content (modify as necessary)

    common.alarmLevel.none.rtn=None - returned to normal - returned to normal
    common.alarmLevel.important.rtn=Important - returned to normal
    common.alarmLevel.warning.rtn=Warning - returned to normal
    common.alarmLevel.urgent.rtn=Urgent - returned to normal
    common.alarmLevel.critical.rtn=Critical - returned to normal
    common.alarmLevel.lifeSafety.rtn=Safety - returned to normal
    common.alarmLevel.unknown=unknown alarm level
    common.alarmLevel.doNotLog=Do not log
    common.alarmLevel.greaterthan.none=>= None>= Information
    common.alarmLevel.greaterthan.important=>= Important
    common.alarmLevel.greaterthan.warning=>= Warning
    common.alarmLevel.greaterthan.urgent=>= Urgent
    common.alarmLevel.greaterthan.critical=>= Critical
    common.alarmLevel.greaterthan.lifeSafety=>= Safety

    Doing it this way means that

    • The file is not overwritten when upgrading
    • Mango will still use updated translation files shipped with new versions of Mango (i.e. you aren't overriding the whole translation file, just the keys you need)

  • Hello!

    In this post, I see that we can change name of Alarm Level.
    Is that possible to add some more Alarm level in addition to 7 default levels ?


  • @jared-wiltshire said in Adding Alarm Level Types:

    It is not possible to add/remove or change the colors of the alarm levels.