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OPC DA missing in Data Source Type drop-down list

  • Just downloaded and installed a trial version of Mango 3.0 on Windows for evaluation. Want to connect to an OPC DA data source but the drop-down list does not show a data source of type OPC DA (on the create datasource screen).
    I just started with mango so probably missing something basic, What am I missing?

    When I go to modules, I do see a module listed "opcda version 3.6.0"

  • Hey @hmotiwala it seems we have not ported that data source over to the new UI yet. Click the link at the top of the page to create one using the legacy UI. Hopefully we will get OPC-DA integrated into the new UI soon.

  • @jared-wiltshire Ok, thanks - I see it now.

  • Is there an example showing setting up an OPC DA data source. I am trying to connect to a local OPC DA simulation server but without success. Is there any documentation specific to OPC DA data source setup that explains the different property fields to be filled in. The Server dropdown does not show any entry, I assume it should show all registered OPC DA servers on local machine.

    Does the OPC DA data source module work with free version ?