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  • Hi,

    The HTS hardware has dual Ethernet ports, and within the system settings, there are two configurable network addresses.

    When I configure both as unique Static IP address i.e. enp1s0 is and enp2s0 is both are only accessible through one of the Ethernet ports.

    Is my assumption wrong that you can address the ports separately, or is there more to it?


  • You can try this:
    ifconfig enp1s0.0
    ifconfig enp1s0.1

    Now your enp1s0 can respond with 2 ips

  • Hi HSAcontrols,

    Can you say more about what you're trying to achieve?

    You can certainly address the ports separately, but you'd want them to be on separate subnets or it is confusing for the operating system which address it is acting as, and one of the routes will have precedence over the other and handle all the traffic on the 192.168.0.x network (presuming subnet

  • So what I'm trying to achieve is to have one Ethernet port connected to a HMI which will poll data from a publisher, and the other port be used for communicating with another device.

    I was intending to allocate a different IP address to each of the ports such that I did not require additional ports on a switch ,

    At the moment as described above, I have set different addresses for enp1s0, and ensp2s0. I have only been able to ping them from connecting to ethernet port 1. The device does not respond to pings on port 2.

  • Are they separate networks? Why would you need two ports on the same subnet? The routers should get traffic where it's going. There are ways to use the two ports in parallel for a speed boost I think, but I have no experience with that and with either 100Mbs or 1Gbs, it doesn't seem necessary.

  • @hsacontrols said in Mango HTS Dual Ethernet (Individually Addressable):

    I was intending to allocate a different IP address to each of the ports such that I did not require additional ports on a switch ,

    @phildunlap Based on this user is actually connecting the device straight to the port without a gateway/subnet. If I am not mistaken then shouldn't the user configure the system so that one port would act as a DHCP server and then the routing can begin? Or am I wrong here?

  • Ah, good insight @ThomasEinasto that does make sense.

    In that case you'd want to bridge the two ports and only have one static IP on the bridge network adapter. The bridging section of this page may have the answers you seek:

    Although you'll perhaps want to make it permanent in the /etc/network/interfaces file, in which case this link may be helpful:

  • Thanks for the support guys. I was able to configure the bridge permanently and successfully by following the second link you provided.

    For anyone else looking to do this, you should also see within the Mango System Settings/ESconfiguration the newly configured bridged in the network settings once the network config file has been saved & mango rebooted.

    Also if you are new to dealing with linux without a gui, the network configuration file editor (vim) is a little clunky. i allows you to insert edits, then to save and exit use the command :wq. To exit the editor without saving just use :q.

  • @HSAcontrols

    Using nano is more comfortable in my opinon. It is also nice to install midnight-commander to your Linux env for easier navigation in the system.

    // Installing midnight commander via apt-get
    apt-get install mc
    // running midnight commander with sudo rights for editing system files
    sudo mc

    I also recommend configuring your midnight-commander so that when you leave your instance it stays in the directory you left it in, see here section "hold your horses" :

    The link also gives you an overview of what midnight commander has to offer.