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  • Hi there, have heard a lot of great things about Mango and may be in a position where I may be able to put Mango to use on a rather large site consisting of Delta Controls And Johnson Controls. The Delta end I am not worried about, but has anyone had any experience integrating the JCI gear with Mango? Currently they are nit integrated onto (1) network and the JCI gear is communicating via its N2 protocol ( BACnet is possible) There has been discussion about incorporating S4 on site to put it all under (1) umbrella but I need to weigh all options before making any decisions. Any assistance or input would be greatly appreciated!



  • Hi Shawn,

    Welcome to the forum! We've worked on some pretty large installations alongside JCI equipment. We've always used BACnet as the method to integrate which works quite well. Mango does not support N2 or any of their proprietary protocols so you would need to use a converter box if BACnet wasn't available. We've also done integrations using simple exports where the 3rd party system is programmed to dump and csv file or xml file and then Mango can suck those in. This is not great if you want real-time data so BACnet would be the preferred method. Hope this helps. You can also set up a consultation with us to go over the requirements in more detail if you would like.

  • Hi Joel,

    Thank you very much for taking the time to respond! I was kind of thinking this might be the case and BACnet is an element of possibility; it may just need to be done in phases or we go S4. Either way, this is good intel to bring back to the table to support moving forward with looking at Mango more seriously!

    Thanks Again,