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Interfacing Mango with Digi RM

  • Heya,

    Wondering if anyone has had any experience interfacing Mango with Digi RM ( I am trying to use either a HTTP Json receiver or retriever but haven't had much luck yet. Just wondering if it possible (good or bad experience) before I recreate a middleware app I used for another similar project.


  • Hi Ian,

    You maybe could do it with an HTTP JSON retriever or receiver - you link does not explain the protocol you're trying to interface with. If you have an authentication token you can probably do it with the retriever, and if you can configure it to push messages to your Mango at the /httpds URL
    you may be able to use the receiver.

    Given that it brings a login screen, you may be better off using a scripting data source with the HttpBuilder doing the HTTP, as you can do more arbitrary things, such as logging into the service. This thread has an HttpBuilder integration with an API:

    You may also need to use something like var response = JSON.parse(content); in the response function.

    Documentation here: