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DNP3/IP Analog Input Not Showing Values

  • I am trying to create an analog input data point under a DNP3/IP source. The data source registers correctly and after registering the data point, I am able to see the DNP 3 queries are successfully sent and responses contain all the right values using Wireshark. However, the data point on the Mango application shows 'No value.' I can successfully read binary inputs in DNP 3, but not analog inputs.

    I am using the free trial 3.6.4 version of Mango.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


  • Hi Nomaan, welcome to the forum!

    Have you checked the Mango log for any related error messages? You can access it on disk at Mango/logs/ma.log or through the interface at the /ui/administration/system-status/logging-console page. If you can change the point data type to alphanumeric, do you see a value?

    It does not sound like a parsing issue, as Mango would have given it a value of 0, looking at the code. It would suggest to me the point's index or dnp3 data type are leading to a null or empty list of elements.

  • Hi Phil, thanks!

    I do not see any errors in the ma.log file. As for changing the data type, the only options I see are binary input/output, analog input/output, and running counter. I am not sure how to change it to alphanumeric. The data point shows NaN after a while, so I don't know if that helps at all.

  • I think you would be able to make the point alphanumeric via JSON export / import.

    The data point shows NaN after a while, so I don't know if that helps at all.

    This suggests to me that it is interval logging and has no samples and no value history.

  • Nomaan,

    Could you share your Wireshark capture or email it to

    Also (as @phildunlap said) by making the point Alphanumeric you could further debug your problem as your issue is likely from decoding the String returned from the device into a number in the java code.

    My guess is that the Analog value being returned from your device is not strictly a number and contains a unit suffix or something else. The Wireshark capture will confirm this.


  • Just to clarify, when you say to make the point alphanumeric, you mean to change the data point type (which is currently analog input), correct? We tried exporting the JSON and converting the point to alphanumeric, but there was an error message saying it was not a valid type. I have emailed the capture.

  • That is what we were suggesting. I did check the validation a little before suggesting it and thought it should work, but I didn't try it.

    Thank you for submitting the capture. We are looking at it and will let you know what we find.