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JSON Data Point Format - Solved.

  • Hi,
    just in case anyone intested - the json value pointer' field should be '/observations/data/0/apparent_t

    I am trying to setup a JSON retriever data source from a weather service and its JSON file path is below:
    As a test, I want to retrieve the value of 'apparent_t' as pointed out in below partial json file and screenshot:

    	"observations": {
    		"notice": [
    				"copyright": "Copyright Commonwealth of Australia 2019, Bureau of Meteorology. For more information see:",
    				"copyright_url": "",
    				"disclaimer_url": "",
    				"feedback_url": ""
    		"header": [
    				"refresh_message": "Issued at 11:11 pm EST Sunday 22 September 2019",
    				"ID": "IDV60901",
    				"main_ID": "IDV60900",
    				"name": "Melbourne (Olympic Park)",
    				"state_time_zone": "VIC",
    				"time_zone": "EST",
    				"product_name": "Capital City Observations",
    				"state": "Victoria"
    		"data": [
    				"sort_order": 0,
    				"wmo": 95936,
    				"name": "Melbourne (Olympic Park)",
    				"history_product": "IDV60901",
    				"local_date_time": "22/11:00pm",
    				"local_date_time_full": "20190922230000",
    				"aifstime_utc": "20190922130000",
    				"lat": -37.8,
    				"lon": 145.0,
    				"apparent_t": 8.7,
    				"cloud": "-",
    				"cloud_base_m": null,
    				"cloud_oktas": null,
    				"cloud_type_id": null,
    				"cloud_type": "-",
    				"delta_t": 3.2,
    				"gust_kmh": 9,
    				"gust_kt": 5,
    				"air_temp": 11.2,
    				"dewpt": 4.0,
    				"press": 1022.3,
    				"press_qnh": 1022.3,
    				"press_msl": 1022.3,
    				"press_tend": "-",
    				"rain_trace": "0.0",
    				"rel_hum": 61,
    				"sea_state": "-",
    				"swell_dir_worded": "-",
    				"swell_height": null,
    				"swell_period": null,
    				"vis_km": "10",
    				"weather": "-",
    				"wind_dir": "NNE",
    				"wind_spd_kmh": 6,
    				"wind_spd_kt": 3

    0_1569158651779_Screen Shot 2019-09-22 at 11.23.01 pm.png

    below is my data source setting, since i am not sure about the setpoint part, I have used the same url
    0_1569158845698_Screen Shot 2019-09-22 at 11.26.04 pm.png

    Now comes to the data point part, I tried in the 'json value pointer' field with '/observations/data/apparent_t/0' (i tried a few other path as well but no luck)
    but it gave out an error shown below:
    0_1569159176158_Screen Shot 2019-09-22 at 11.32.46 pm.png

    Can I have some direction as what I have done wrong here?


  • Hi cwangv,

    It sounds like you figured it out based on the bolded comment at the top? Maybe a second post would have been more straightforward, but thanks for sharing that it was resolved / the resolution you found.