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  • hi, just wanna start by saying... what a great piece of software! thanks!

    however i need a little help with the custom graphics part.

    I created an image set and wanted to use it in an analog image.. but i didn't realise the 0,1,2 would relate to alphabetical sorting of the image..

    since then, i've tried to created a new image set, called the folder different names, tried renaming the images, etc etc and i cannot get my image set to appear in the drop down anymore...

    i tried deleting tomcat and mango and starting from fresh but still no joy... i also restarted tomcat each time...

    how did i manage to get the imageset in the first time, an why cant i get my new one in, or modify the image order?

    please help



    PS - seems if i rename the folder back to what it was and the images, all working... but this is after i thought i'd started from fresh...

    where is it keeping this info? the only thing i didn't clear from the JDK folder..

    there are just going to be times where the image set needs updating..

  • The graphics get loaded by the system at startup. Any changes should be recognized at that time. Keep an eye on the console for messages regarding image set loading failures. If all else fails you can debug the startup.

  • hi, thanks for the that... did find something on the search about the console and then found my messages regarding "unable to determine image size" so i edited the info.txt and all is well...