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  • I have a component that has an entry point as a parameter and I need to show the integral of this point.
    I was testing with this:

    <ma-get-point-value  point="$"></ma-get-point-value>
    <ma-calc input="$ | filter:{statistics:'INTEGRAL'} " output="$ctrl.dataIntegral"></ma-calc>

    but it does not work, also try this:

    <ma-get-point-value  point="$"></ma-get-point-value>
    <ma-point-statistics points="$" rendered=false  display-mode="INTEGRAL" rollup-interval="1 MONTHS"></ma-point-statistics>

    I was seeing some examples and after trying other options, I can't show the value in my view.


  • Hi johana,

    Have you seen the example pages? For instance the page at /ui/examples/statistics/get-statistics has some information like this:

    <ma-filtering-point-list ng-model="myPoint" auto-init="true" data-type="NUMERIC"></ma-filtering-point-list>
    <ma-point-statistics point="myPoint" from="dateBar.from" to="" statistics="statsObj"></ma-point-statistics>
        The average for the period is {{ statsObj.average.value }} at {{ statsObj.average.timestamp | maMoment:'format':'lll' }}
        The max value for the period is {{ statsObj.maximum.value }} at {{ statsObj.maximum.timestamp | maMoment:'format':'lll' }}

    If the integral were mentioned there, it would probably be in some sentence like this one,

        The integral for the period is {{ statsObj.integral.value }} and has a timestamp matching period start {{ statsObj.integral.timestamp }}

  • Firstly it is really hard to help if we do not know the value of your controller data.

    Secondly if I am not mistaken you have no output of ma-point-statistics hence why you cannot show any values calculated by the directive.

    Thirdly rollup-interval is not present in the directive. I assume you want to use a preset of a ma-date-range-picker.

     <ma-date-range-picker from="from" to="to" preset="LAST_1_DAYS" update-interval="5 seconds"></ma-date-range-picker>

    Fourthly ma-point-statistics require from and to date objects to work. So I guess correctly you should use following:

     <ma-date-range-picker from="from" to="to" preset="LAST_1_MONTHS" ></ma-date-range-picker>
    <ma-point-statistics points="$" from="from" to="to" display-mode="INTEGRAL" statistics="statsObj"></ma-point-statistics>

    Edit: Phil you were ahead once again. :)

  • Edit: Phil you were ahead once again. :)

    Your reply does add detail though, so thanks for it!