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HTTP Retriever - Value RegEx works whit accent

  • Hi. I am trying to get points from a web page using HTTP Retriever. Everything works fine until in the RegEx Value I place a word with access. for example:
    <tr><td><span>(Cerro Patacón)</span></td><td><span>(.*?)</span></td></tr>
    I get "Validation Error - No value match made for point Cerro Patacón.
    How can I solved it?

    Thanks you in advance..

  • The following characters have special meaning, and should be preceded by a \ (backslash) to represent a literal character:

    So your

    <tr><td><span>(Cerro Patacón)</span></td><td><span>(.*?)</span></td></tr>

    Should be

    <tr><td><span>\(Cerro Patacón\)</span></td><td><span>(.*?)</span></td></tr>

  • Sorry my error the original regex value is
    <tr><td><span>Cerro Patacón</span></td><td><span>(.*?)</span></td></tr>
    I try you suggestion
    <tr><td><span>\Cerro Patacón\</span></td><td><span>(.*?)</span></td></tr>
    but I get this error:
    Illegal/unsupported escape sequence near index 15 <tr><td><span>\Cerro Patacón</span></td><td><span>(.*?)</span></td></tr> ^

  • @francisco-salinas said in HTTP Retriever - Value RegEx works whit accent:

    <tr><td><span>Cerro Patacón</span></td><td><span>(.?)</span></td></tr>

    If that's the case:

    <tr><td><span>Cerro Patacón<\/span><\/td><td><span>(.?)<\/span><\/td><\/tr>

  • I get this error:
    Validation error - No value match made for point Cerro Patacón

  • @francisco-salinas
    If you have a copy of the source you're trying to parse from, use and work from that to create your RegExp string.
    The Cerro Patacón should be part of the text, not a variable. I think there's a lot of detail missing here that you've not made clear.

  • Hi Francisco, welcome to the forum!

    Regex can certainly match the accent. You can see that here, where I was using the browser developer tools:


    So I have to agree with Fox that part of the question is hidden in not having the source text that's being matched. . should match everything but newlines. If there are newlines, you could try picking a character that doesn't appear and using a ([^~]*) or a ((?:.|\r|\n)*)

  • Hi phil. Thanks you. I used your recommendation and found that the regex value was waiting instead of Cerro Patacón, Cerro Patacún.
    I changed that in the regex value and voila. is working.

    ú ú
    ó ó
    í Ã
    é é
    á á