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Bulk selection checkbox for watchlist and bacnet points adding post discovery

  • Hi,
    Please consider adding a bulk selection checkbox for watchlist items, as shown below:
    Without it, it is quite tedious to select long list of items.

    Also, same request for the bacnet device browser windows under bacnet data source, as shown below:
    Without it, it is quite tedious to select long list of items. The device shown here has 198 points.


  • Hi cwangv,

    Thanks for the suggestions!

  • It was actually a design decision not to include a "Select all" checkbox on the watch list page. We decided that trying to plot a large number of data points was simply not feasible.

    The BACnet module should definitely have a "Select all" feature / Shift-Click feature though. I will open an issue.

    edit. In fact @phildunlap already created one -

  • Hi Jared,

    I understand the design decision of not wanting users to accidentally plot hundreds of points, but in an event where there are 10-20 points the user wants to compare on a small time scale, checking all of the points is a massive hassle. Is there any way to implement this manually?


  • maybe a limit could be implemented so if "select all" was clicked it would only select up to 30.