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Output Settings of Event handlers

  • Hello,

    when I parameterize the output of scheduler, I do not understand, why he shows me that message :
    No contextual field found for key name

    0_1565792355112_erreur scheduler5.png

    I tried different options, without success.

    Can you tell me what is missing in my setup?

    Best regards

  • Hi JF89,

    This is caused by the "alias" field being required / now a "name" in 3.6, but the old UI not being maintained in the ever-forward march of progress. You could be using the /ui/administration/event-handlers/ page in the new UI, which will also provide the ability to associate a single event handler with numerous events, instead of one-to-one in the old UI, as well as fully identify validation issues. is the git issue concerning how some things are just broken in the old UI now, stemming from another issue on the old event handlers page. No one appears to have offered comment on this specific item, yet.

  • Hello Phil,

    It works as you told me.

    Schedules , work by recovery, from one event to another.(in events handlers)

    Best regards

  • Schedules , work by recovery, from one event to another.(in events handlers)

    I am not sure what you mean here, but it sounds like you got it working!