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  • Noticed my Color Indicators no long display the Text after updating to the latest version on Mango ES Version 3.6.4.

    Editing in designer, you have to delete the text field, tab off of the field, and then return to the text field and the text will re-appear when entering. Problem is, the changes are not saved.

    Anyone have an easy way to correct this so I don't have to start rebuilding pages for my customers?

    Before and After Images.

    0_1564541231866_Screen Shot 2019-07-30 at 10.46.29 PM.png
    0_1564541241224_Screen Shot 2019-07-30 at 10.46.41 PM.png

  • Have you got any markup you can paste here?
    The only suggestion I can give is using CSS and giving your items classes to apply the looks you want to them. Assuming you're using Google chrome here, you can right click and inspect on the elements to see what the css for the html elements are.
    I'm also heavily assuming you know how CSS can be applied.
    I know it's involved but it's a solid way of ensuring your desired styles are always applied...

    Jared will likely be able to come back with a solution if you can paste your content here in code tags to compare and contrast.

    //For configuring how to add these styles:
    Create a new .css file then save this css file in the mango install's [MANGOHOME]/overrides/web/modules/mangoUI/web/styles directories and save it as something you recognise:
    ie: newDashboardStyles.css
    You can make these changes applicable by going to Administration-> UI Settings-> Miscellaneous Settings -> user stylesheet url.
    Set it to /modules/mangoUI/web/styles/newDashboardStyles.css

  • Hello, guys

    after last upgrade i miss some information in <ma-indicator>

        position: absolute;
        border-width: thin; 
        background-color: rgb(9, 206, 75); 
        border-radius: 30px; 
        text-align: center; 
        color: rgb(1, 1, 1); 
        font-weight: bold; 
        font-size: 20px;
        line-height: 32px;
        width: 32px; 
        height: 32px; 
    <ma-indicator class="indicator" style="left: 120px; top: 500.266px;" color-false="rgb(152, 255, 0)" color-true="red" point="Inactive_T6" default-color="red" ng-click="selection='T-6'">T6</ma-indicator>

    Can't see T6 text inside of indicator

  • Just ran it in my mango version 3.5.6.
    Can see it loud and clear!
    Right click on the item and click on inspect element from Google Chrome.
    If the T6 isn't visible in the HTML markup, then you definitely have a code issue that @Jared-Wiltshire will need to investigate.
    If it is, you may have to override the css temporarily with !important after the color property. Sorry can't be of any more help. Not in a position to upgrade at the moment so cannot see the same issues everyone else has in 3.6.


  • Hi guys, this update should fix the issue. Sorry about that.