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"Error checking for upgrades - Server Error"

  • This is a new one for me.

    Fresh Mango install, and the Modules -> Check for Upgrades says this instantly when I click the "check for upgrades" button.

    ma.log doesn't record anything when this happens.

    Checked out my DNS settings, and I can ping/nslookup etc from my command line, but Mango seems to have trouble checking for updates.

    Not a big deal, since I can manually upgrade stuff, but I dunno why this is happening. First time I've seen this on a dozen Mango installs here now.

  • Out of curiosity, what upgrade channel are you using? Production? Dev?

  • Upgrade Release Channel shows Production. I've never configured the release channel for Dev.

  • I think the logs you may also wish to look at should be along the lines of "com.serotonin.m2m2.db.upgrade.Upgrade" - basically anything with .upgrade in the name,

    If there's nothing in there, definitely flick infinite an email.

  • Hi Turbo,

    Can you check to ensure the store.url in your Mango/overrides/properties/ file is set like,


    You could try running on the command line and then triggering it, to see if something were somehow escaping to stderr, but I wouldn't expect that to be the case.

  • Can you also ensure that "Enable checking for upgrades" is checked on the /ui/administration/system/information page?

  • Yeah. I'm a clown.

    I disabled "Enable checking for upgrades"-- I don't want these instances auto-upgrading (since most are on cell plans, and I need to keep my Cell data budget under control), so I'll just have to remember to re-enable that box before checking.

  • By no means! One would expect the check for upgrades button to still check for upgrades, or at least error with a message related to what's happened. That is why there is the git issue,