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Overrides... logo.svg troubles

  • Hi everyone,

    it seems like an easy thing to do and yet I am struggling. How do I change the mango logo in the menu to a custom one? I love the idea and read the article on overrides, searched the forums and Google. It just does not work, even after restarting the (locally running) mango instance.

    To narrow the issue down I took the original Mango logo.svg file, changed the text color to red and saved in the overrides folder. To increase my chances of seeing the changed logo I made three copies and placed them directly in the web folder, one in a subfolder with the name "img" and one copy in the subfolder titled "images".

    fl@linux-tuxedo:~/SW/mango/overrides/web> ls -R
    images  img  logo.svg

    After restarting the mango instance and logging in again, the logo is still the same. Any ideas what might go wrong here?

    In terms of documentation I am still wondering whether I could/should use PNG files (instead of SVG) and whether the subfolder is actually "img" or "images".

    Thanks a lot for your input on this!

  • Hi @fleh

    It depends on what are you actually trying to do. In new UI it is simple. Go to Administration => UI settings and change logo source and it will be changed after you save your UI settings. Note that it should be in public folder because mango might restrict access to other parts of the system for not logged in users.

    If you want to change via overrides then you are mostly doing changes to the old UI and Mango system itself.

  • Wow, this is awesome and so simple -- thank you very much @ThomasEinasto! Shame to have wasted time to make it work the old way.

    I hope you don't mind two minor follow-up questions because it interests me... What is the "old UI"? And will the uploaded file be there after the next update?

    Cheers & Have a nice weekend!

  • Old UI topic

    Older users of Mango were using Legacy UI before Angular was introduced in Mango. But Mango legacy pages did not have so much flexibility / easy configuration to create your own system like you want which is probably why IAS took the direction for the Mango 3.x UI.

    Most simply said in Mango 3.x user is in a web-application developed in Angular which uses Mango (and other) API's/ libraries to configure Mango settings. The same way like in the old UI.

    You can go to legacy (old-UI) by going to lets say /data_sources.shtm to see how old Mango looked like. There on top left corner you can also see your overrides logo if I am not mistaken.

    File topic

    And you are correct. The uploaded file should stay in that folder if you update Mango. The file is actually put in $ROOT/filestore/public/ folder which is not modified by updates.

    Have a nice weekend!

  • Most excellent! Thanks for your explanations and for putting me on the right path....