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  • We have an application where this is a dashboard that provides a high level view of 5 pieces of identical equipment. We also have a detailed page of the equipment that provides more data (meters, faults, alarms). In Mango we have 1 detail page that is then populated based on tags.

    RIght now you have to select the tag from a drop down list. What we're trying to figure out is how can we set the tag from the link.

    For example.. if someone is looking at the summary dashboard that shows all 5 pieces of equipment then they click on Unit ID#2 to go to the detail page we want the detail page to know to set the tag for Unit ID#2.

    Does anyone have ideas on how to do this?

  • Hi chio,

    Have you had a look into this thread?

  • @phildunlap we have not seen that, we'll give it a try. thanks