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  • Hi, IAS
    I have created a script add two meters KWH readings to produce a virtual meter KWH reading.
    According to the documentation (shown below), I should be able to backfill the history prior to this Meta point was generated.

    ****Generate History

    When creating a new Meta Point sometimes it is helpful to backfill values for it. This can be done by the generate history link in the Data Points table.

    The most recent saved value for all Context Points is found and that date is used for the Starting date for the simulation. (If any context point has no saved values the Generation will fail here)

    The oldest saved value for the Meta Point is found and that is used as the Ending date for the simulation. (If no values exist the current time is used)

    The simulation is run from Starting to Ending times and a values are created and saved according to the Meta Point settings.

    This means that a history can only be generated for times before the earliest Meta Point value.****

    You can see in below screenshot that the two meters (MSSB-1 and 2) had older history than the Meta point (MSSB-5).
    (please excuse the somewhat inaccurate result on MSSB-5 due to timing difference in polling and other settings.)
    0_1563199916080_Screen Shot 2019-07-16 at 12.05.46 am.png
    It will be much appreciated if I can be pointed the right direction to get this done.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Hi cwangv

    Are you running v3.6 or 3.5.6?
    On version 3.6 this is done on the Generate history tab of the meta point data source.
    0_1563200687397_Screen Shot 2019-07-15 at 16.23.49.png

  • Hi, Craig
    My mistake. I used scripting (not meta point) to generate the virtual meter. My bad.
    I will have another go at the Meta Point later.
    Have a good day!