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  • Hi:

    Please, Have you a suggestion how to debug and error about an script executing and never ending :(, when trying to open Watch List page ?
    Thanks ! :)

  • Can you give me a bit more information about the problem? Error messages, line numbers, browser, o/s, etc.

  • Hi:

    A script on this page may be busy, or it may have stopped responding. You can stop the script now, or you can continue to see if the script .....

    Operative System Windows XP service pack 2

    Browser Firefox

    Mango's form appears normal, except it doesn´t show any Points information


  • How many points do you have? Maybe it really is just taking a long time to run.

    Also, do you have any problems on the point hierarchy page?

  • I am searching data using SQL windows. Can you please tell me the way to visualize data from blob fields ?

  • Data in blob fields are Java object serializations. The only practical way of viewing them is using Java code to deserialize. The only objects that are serialized in this way are data source and data point definitions, which are very application specific anyway.

    For background... Originally, tables were defined for each type of data source and point such that the information was stored in a more traditional way, i.e. each distinct piece of data in a distinct field. However, as more data source types were added to Mango it quickly became a significant maintenance issue. The current storage technique of using blob has a number of strong advantages, with really the only downside being the fact that - as you've noticed - the content is inaccessible via SQL.