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  • Hi Vincent

    Did anyone modify the file to change the h2 database password?


  • No. it;s Clean!!

    # set max age of cached files in seconds, only if noStore=false
    # versioned resources are those with ?v=xxx on the query string
    #Upload file size limit (bytes) -1 means no limit
    # Default database settings, NOTE that on windows this must be an absolute path
    #For web console
    #to compact the database size at shutdown (may take longer but will free up disk space)

  • It’s really weird! There’s no problem with the enterprise version.

  • yes, it would be clean because it got replaced with a new file during the upgrade. Is there any chance that someone edited it before the upgrade?

  • I have confirmed all settings, the only one file in the /opt/mango/classes.

    root@mangoES2204:/opt/mango$ ls
    backup   databases  Getting Started.txt  logs                  overrides       work
    bin      db         lib                  m2m2.license.old.xml  RELEASE-NOTES
    boot     filestore  LICENSE              m2m2.license.xml      release.signed
    classes  ftl        licenseTypes.xml     modules               web
    root@mangoES2204:/opt/mango$ cd classes/
    root@mangoES2204:/opt/mango/classes$ ls
    debug-log4j2.xml       log4j.xml
    debug-log4j.xml   high-performance-log4j2.xml  log4j2.xml
    root@mangoES2204:/opt/mango/classes$ locate

  • Hi Vincent

    All files in your classes folder get replaced when you do an upgrade. So confirming this now is too late. The correct procedure is to copy the file into the overrides folder and then edit it. This way it will not get replaced during an upgrade. Is it possible that someone changed the H2 database on the MangoES ?

  • Hi C,
    Thank your support !!

    It is our mistake, the early version of mangoES its H2 DataBase UserName and Password is mango, we have handled this matter!!

    Thanks again !!


  • Please copy your file that you have edited with the username and password into /opt/mango/overrides/classes
    So that this does not happen again.

  • @terrypacker ja, that was the reason.

    I installed a new java version "jdk-8u131-linux-arm32-vfp-hflt.tar.gz".

    A installation in the old path usr/lib/jvm/java-8-oracle didn't work so I followed the manual here: and the MangoES is running again.

    I recommend for the future that you specify which Java version is necessary for a mango update. That would be helpful....

    You have made a big progress with version 3.6, thanks!

  • Thanks for sharing the resource that helped you!

    This thread has some information on updating Java that could be useful if Mango is being run on a lower privileged user at port 80: