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  • Hi;

    I've got a mango ES that I'm publishing to a cloud one using Mango persistent TCP. But I'm facing a problem when I trying to sync them to get historical data from my ES to my mango instance in the Cloud. The cloud one only goes back to yesterday while on my ES I can go back to 6 months of data. See picture below on the setting of my publisher.


  • Hi,

    in the right small window "runtime status" set the the date back to 6 months and push the button "set sync history from time".
    With the "Get status" you can check the results.

  • Hi JMandina, welcome to the forum!

    If you post on the forum, you do not need to also send an email!

    To repeat my response email here:
    For some reason, the "Sync history prior to" setting on the publisher is set to six months. That is not the default (2 hours) and would result in the sync only attempting to synchronize data that was at least six months old. I would change that back to the default, 2 hours, and then rerun the sync.

    @Ralf has the right suggestion after that if it still does not sync, but I would expect them to after the "sync history prior to" setting has been corrected.