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Liquidated installer / operator of MANGO System

  • I have a project in Northern Territory of Australia where the supplier, installer and operator of the Mango automation system has gone into liquidation and we don't have access to the Mango automation passwords, login details etc. I have to hand this over the our client and don't know what to do given that the liquidators are not forthcoming with the requested administrative credentials etc. I have been in contact with Infinite Automation partner in Australia - Flowgen but they have limited ability to assist.

  • @Barcelona5
    Please email IAS directly:

  • Craig's suggestion is the right course of action. While sending that email, please include details of things like,

    1. Affected GUIDs, and your account email if different from where you're sending from
    2. Are they MangoES devices?
    3. What kind of access do you have to the devices? Physical, SSH, Mango user, etc.